We've officially had over 6.5 inches of rain this month and it's only the 8th (with more rain in the forecast). I like rainy and stormy days, and I used to like stormy nights, but now it means I only get a small slice of bed to sleep on, what with all the extra thunderphobic … Continue reading Rain


Joyous Feast! We brought fruit to church for Father to bless after Liturgy today in honor of the feast. After coffee hour many of us trooped over to view a property we are considering for our new church home. A beautiful day, but quite hot! Please pray for us as we consider our next steps!

18 months vocabulary 

Words and phrases Mittens uses now: No  Yeah!! (There is no calm "yes" in her vocabulary.) Yay! Peese (please) Tank (thanks) Ah done (all done) More Eat Baba (bottle) Coo-ee (cookie) Oh no! That one This one Want that Kitty Mommy Bye-bye Ah pane (air plane) Bir (bird) Papa