Let’s go!

Ok, y’all, it’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted. Let’s just say that it’s been busy (like, insanely busy) and go on as if there has been no break. I’ll start with the first wedding and make a separate post for the next one. Of course there will be some backtracking for Pascha, … Continue reading Let’s go!

Advent Updates

Advent is moving swiftly! We put the tree up yesterday and will finish decorating the house today. Jacob, Elizabeth’s fiancé, is coming for the weekend and I’m going to try to get a group picture of all nine (including AJ, Eleanor’s fiancé) tomorrow. Rain and perhaps thunderstorms are moving in by midday but it gave … Continue reading Advent Updates


Doesn’t it feel like sometimes in our lives we’re just in suspension? We’re waiting for some outcome, some decision, some solution. In the meantime we shuffle through our tasks but our minds are focused on that one thing (or more, sigh). It’s had to live in the moment when the moments are difficult and the … Continue reading Waiting