I'm sitting on the couch folding laundry. Moppet walks up and sees her blankie folded. "Mommy, you washed my doggy blanket!" "Yes, it's all washed and dried." [pause] "Don't DO that!" [!?!!??] "But now it's all clean and warm and it smells good." [She smells it.] "Yuck." šŸ˜‚

Things I didn’t know before I had childrenĀ 

Coloring is a contact sport. The only right way to get dressed is to have a race with someone else. Wearing a ponytail can save your life.* Cake means birthday regardless of the calendar. Children don't actually like making sandcastles in molds.  It's possible to survive entirely on a diet of bread and cheese. Tadpoles … Continue reading Things I didn’t know before I had childrenĀ