Let’s go!

Ok, y’all, it’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted. Let’s just say that it’s been busy (like, insanely busy) and go on as if there has been no break. I’ll start with the first wedding and make a separate post for the next one. Of course there will be some backtracking for Pascha, … Continue reading Let’s go!

Legitimacy and Conscience

I was looking for something this morning and ran across this blog post from several years ago. It was pretty good and I found myself saying, “hey… U wrote that??” What happened to the person who used to be able to write? Hahaha. So I decided to share it with you.

Praying With My Feet

Reading Joseph’s post on Byzantine TX about the pro-choice Catholic nuns (sounds like an oxymoron, but I guess it’s becoming more common…) I was struck by something. Have you noticed that people who hold a stance on something that is not in accordance with Tradition, abortion and gay “marriage” being the most common, are always desperately looking for affirmation from someone? Specifically, someone from whom they wouldn’t have traditionally ever received that affirmation? For most people in the West (who have never heard of Orthodoxy), the Roman Catholic church represents an unchanging pillar of Truth and Right, no matter what their religious (if any) persuasion. They may not agree with that statement, but it’s hard to not observe that in practice people think of the RC church as the “gold standard”. So much so, that even if you’re Unitarian and pro-abortion you’ll be positively delighted when some Catholic nuns march…

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Unfamiliar custom

I had a lot of fun reading this post from six years ago and the following comments! We still haven’t done the harrowing of hell during Holy Saturday Liturgy, but I hope we do one day!

Praying With My Feet

Ok, this is completely out of season, but Father came across a video and we were just stunned. There are several videos from this particular church (St. Barbara in ? Greece, 2010) but the one we viewed contained something we’d never seen before. I sure do hate to spoil the surprise so I won’t. (:

First, here’s a video I’ve posted before. This is at an OCA church here in America (Birmingham, AL – St. Symeon’s) and the service is Holy Saturday Liturgy, the first Liturgy of the Resurrection. This video was taken during the hymn, “Arise O God”. Bay leaves are thrown. Everywhere. It’s so joyous, just watch it again. (:

Now, this is the video from the Greek church. The chanter is chanting “Arise O God” too and bay leaves are also thrown. However, it’s what happens after the bay leaves are all out and the priests return…

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