A long time ago I realized the Grace of the Holy Spirit was not to be found in the Roman Catholic Church. It grieved me to step back and see just how far Rome had deviated from the Church. In the last century the slow destruction of orthodoxy has accelerated into a maelstrom. Where there … Continue reading Witness

Chemtrails, Conspiracies, and the Garden of Eden

As some of you know, I have a Twitter account for meteorological interests. I eschew all arguments, politics, etc. which means I follow a handful of National Weather Service accounts, some meteorologists, and other similar accounts. Nothing is immune from controversy so on rare occasions I bump into tweets about “chemtrails”, the name some people … Continue reading Chemtrails, Conspiracies, and the Garden of Eden

Prayer request

Xristos Anesti!! Orthodox brothers and sisters, it is with a heavy heart that I am posting today to plead with you on behalf of a close personal friend.  He is literally being persecuted in Raleigh, NC on behalf of his Orthodox Christian faith and Greek ethnicity.  This is not an exaggeration, this is real life … Continue reading Prayer request

The Narrow Path vs. "Inclusivity"

This article by Matt Walsh is quite excellent: It’s difficult to have grown-up conversations these days, because people like yourself see every mention of moral truth as either a personal attack or a statement of superiority. This is the real damage you cause in the Faith. It’s not that you’re sinful — we all are, to be sure — it’s that you want to … Continue reading The Narrow Path vs. "Inclusivity"

Catholics assaulted by feminist mob while passively defending their church.

POSADAS, Argentina, October 11, 2012, (LifeSiteNews.com) - Angry, pro-abortion feminists mocked, spat on, and spray-painted Catholics who were standing guard in front of the cathedral of the Diocese of Posadas in Argentina on Saturday, an event that was caught on video by professional journalists and placed on YouTube and other media. According to reports by … Continue reading Catholics assaulted by feminist mob while passively defending their church.