Recent Storm Photos

This first set is from last night's storm to the SW of us. I was lucky in that it was nearly stationary for the 2 hours I stalked it. The people under it were not quite so lucky. Some photos from previous days:


Panettone toasted with butter. What I offered for breakfast. Moppet has recently begun eating peanut butter! This is a triumph because she gets so little protein. She won't eat any meat or fish, and the only beans she eats are baked beans (and that's practically dessert). I've never been so happy to fix a peanut … Continue reading Tuesday


The morning started with thunderstorms: ​ We attended Liturgy at St. Athanasius Greek Orthodox Church in Gulf Shores. Everyone was so welcoming, especially Fr. Sasa. I hope if you're in the area over a weekend you'll attend. They were celebrating the leave-taking of the Elevation of the Cross so everyone was given basil from the cross … Continue reading Sunday