Don’t mix

Looking forward to seeing dear friends today! Moppet is over the moon. 😊 The order of the bookcases has rather disintegrated so I'm reordering them and dusting as I go. Just remember to keep the Pledge and the coffee separate.

Craft Room

This is just a short tour. Everything is now labeled (important when most things are in identical drawers). I grouped all of the fabric and sewing supplies/books on the left and all of the yarn/knitting supplies and shop things on the right. Almost all of the notions are in the small drawers under the sewing … Continue reading Craft Room

Sewing Room

We've spent the last two days doing some rearranging. The blue-green yarn featured I just picked up this afternoon! It took them 6 weeks to find and order it. Now I can finally start the sweater I said I was going to start back in May!