I haven't been very active on here lately (to state the obvious!) because we've been pretty busy. We were hunting for and are now in the nitty gritty process of buying a house! We hope if everything goes smoothly to be moving during the second week of August. I haven't bothered to count the exact … Continue reading Changes

We’re Back!

Whew!  What a busy weekend! We loaded up the truck on Saturday.  It (unexpectedly) rained until about 11:30 so we mostly carted things down to the garage and peered out morosely at the sky.  As soon as it stopped we started carrying things onto the truck.  I thought for sure it would never all fit.  … Continue reading We’re Back!


We got notice yesterday that we will be closing on the house....tomorrow!  We're going to be spending the weekend moving the last items out of the house.  As a card-carrying list-maker, I already have 6 full lists going.  I have also pulled the old moving/inventory book out from the first half of our move.  It's … Continue reading Surprise!