A is for..?

I'm doing school with Moppet this morning. We're learning "A". After drawing various A's we started thinking of things that start with A. There was the obvious airplane, apple, ant, angel... then one of the reasons why I am not a primary school teacher at heart manifested itself. Me: "Let's see... what else starts with … Continue reading A is for..?

Safety first!

"...if other means prove ineffective, move directly into the prone-position tantrum. This is best accomplished by a dramatic fling towards the floor. Practice this on your own until you feel you've achieved that proper flair. Experts are usually able to insert a snapping back of the head when beginning the first wail, then allowing the … Continue reading Safety first!

Me too

Me: What do you girls want for breakfast? Moppet: Can I have toast? Me: Yes, you can have toast. Moppet: Yay! Toast! Mittens: Yay! Toes! Moppet: I want something on my toast. Me: What do you want on it? Moppet: Ummm... Mittens: Ummm... (I help her open the fridge.) Moppet: Ummm... Mittens: Ummm... Moppet: (pointing … Continue reading Me too


I'm sitting on the couch folding laundry. Moppet walks up and sees her blankie folded. "Mommy, you washed my doggy blanket!" "Yes, it's all washed and dried." [pause] "Don't DO that!" [!?!!??] "But now it's all clean and warm and it smells good." [She smells it.] "Yuck." 😂