*Mostly* holy

Amusing anecdote from a previous move: Father was packing boxes of books and labeling them so he could find things quickly later. Of course, when you get down to the last things you wind up with a motley assortment in some boxes. I carried out one box labeled, "mostly holy fathers." 😄


When your brother can’t manage to light the candles on the doll’s birthday cake and you’re trying to be patient, but you’re only two, and it’s CAKE, for crying out loud.


Moppet: Is it waining [sic] yet? Me: No, it's not raining. Look at me: "rrruh, rrruh, rrraining." Now you say, "rrruh." Moppet: Rrruh. Me: Good! Now say: "rrraining." Moppet: "Rrraining." Me: Good! "Is it rrraining?" Moppet: Nnooo. 😂 She got me.