Don’t mix

Looking forward to seeing dear friends today! Moppet is over the moon. 😊 The order of the bookcases has rather disintegrated so I'm reordering them and dusting as I go. Just remember to keep the Pledge and the coffee separate.

Episcopal Visit

His Grace, Archbishop Alexander, visited St. Cyril’s this weekend. We had Vespers on Saturday evening. (Few photos turned out because of insufficient lighting for focusing.) We greeted him this morning before Liturgy. Eis polla eti despota! Father was elevated to archpriest during the little entrance. Axios! After Liturgy we celebrated with a luncheon in Archbishop … Continue reading Episcopal Visit

Tea Party

Yesterday Duchess and Flopsy helped me hold a tea party for Mittens and Moppet. Everyone dressed for it except the maid-of-all-work (me). The Mother Goose tea set was a gift to me from my parents (I was in high school at the time - still a lover of doll china). A good time was had … Continue reading Tea Party

A Full Weekend 

We have had a delightful weekend visiting with out-of-state friends! We went to the Houston Children's Museum Saturday and it was a big hit. After Vespers we ate and played at our house, and visited again this morning at and after Liturgy. We're so glad they made the trip!