Yesterday I reached a milestone: I reached my (first) target weight. Last January 1st I began a low carbohydrate diet and stuck to it, not without wailing and gnashing of teeth. In fact, it turns out that my metabolism is the lowest of the low (I knew it was bad but I hadn't realized it … Continue reading Milestone

Category 4

Well, Harvey defied all initial expectations and is now a category 4 with sustained winds of 130 mph. It's been a bizarre day. Very much a "hurry up and wait" kind of day. While our own local weather has vacillated between "boring" and "dreary", farther south down the coast people are really getting hammered.  We … Continue reading Category 4


Posting has been slight this week due to all seven children being sick. A sick toddler and preschooler don't leave much time or energy for anything but the absolute basics (and not always those). Some children are on the mend so I hope next week will be better.