She was an only child, doted on by her parents. She was a Girl Scout at a time when they really were scouts. She'd tell us about going camping for two weeks during which time the weather was mostly rain. They put up tents – not the modern “pop-up” kind, but the kind that needed … Continue reading Grandmother


(Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush photographed by daughters) I love taking pictures of flowers, especially macro pictures. The closer you get the more there is to see in the structure of each flower. The simplest is actually full of incredible detail. My little girls are always stopping on walks or in the yard to peer down … Continue reading Flowers

Lenten cooking

Here are some photos of things I baked/cooked during Lent. Looking back I’m surprised I didn’t take more pictures. The prosphora photo was taken before baking. I was just impressed with the seal.