Busy Bee

I have multiple parallel projects going on. I didn't even bother to include photos of all of them. The following are the most active projects: I started the little sweater for my niece-to-be. I think it will turn out well.   I have an order of toy censers to fill for St. Tikhon's bookstore. With … Continue reading Busy Bee

Argyle Blanket

I just finished this looooong project and put it in the shop. Here's the description: "When you purchase this baby blanket, you are truly purchasing a one-of-a-kind item. The technique used to produce the argyle pattern out of regular variegated yarn is called "color pooling," and it can be quite fiddly. Most color-pooled items are … Continue reading Argyle Blanket

Egg Hunt

We're a bit delayed because of the past two weeks of colds/flu, but Pascha lasts 40 days! This morning we did a couple rounds of egg-hunting for Moppet and Mittens. Mittens took it very seriously.