img_3630My name is Matushka Anna. I’m a homeschooling mother of seven children (toddler to teens), wife of 20 years to an Orthodox priest, retired nurse, inveterate knitter and crafter, shop owner (Cozy House Curios), creator of a site with practical information about miscarriage in honor of our four babies in heaven (Lost Innocents), and have a sense of humor that invades like kudzu.

Wondering about the title of this blog? When my oldest three children were very small (i.e.-three, two and infant), I complained to my spiritual father that I seemed to spend more time outside the church than inside: walking/nursing the baby, removing the loud/crying toddler(s), etc. He told me that I was “praying with my feet.” I have had many, many occasions to remember his words with gratitude. Sometimes the days are so busy dealing with one child-related crisis after another that I feel like I pray in snatches on the run. Then I remember that just as my church-to-narthex ratio has increased, this too shall pass.