Texas Wildflower Fields

We are very blessed to have friends and parishioners who own property in rural Texas near Anderson not terribly far from us. They have always welcomed us out there.

Last Tuesday we were out there for a 40 day memorial service and house blessing so we had the opportunity to stand in the middle of fields of wildflowers, primarily blue bonnets, phlox, and indian paintbrush. I can’t begin to describe how amazing an experience it is.

While we were wandering around a mama cow was running here and there and mooing, looking for her lost calf. We thought she might have lost her flock at first but later, after sunset, we saw her trotting across the background with a calf running behind her.

Look in the background of the photo above and you can see mama and baby.

Mittens was not interested in cooperating in a group photo so we didn’t push it.

5 thoughts on “Texas Wildflower Fields

  1. Did anyone feel the urge to just lie down in the middle of all those flowers and soak them up? Did anyone do it? I haven’t ever experienced a landscape quite like that, but I can imagine how overwhelming it might be, in a good way — awfully exciting. I love your pictures!

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