2021 Project Roundup

I’m pretty sure I can’t actually sum up all of my projects in a single blog post. Maybe I’ll just pick out some notable ones and share some photos.

I only made one quilt (I think) which was for my parents’ 50th anniversary. I made a handprint quilt using prints from every child, spouse, and grandchild (and one granddog). This all had to be done long-distance since I live several states away from the closest sibling, but we made it work. I mailed them the materials and instructions and they mailed back the printed muslin squares. Then I added more fabric and quilted the whole thing. Their anniversary was in June but it took me a bit longer to finish it. The hoped-for family get-together never happened so I eventually mailed it to them for Thanksgiving.

I’ve progressed some more in my doll-making skills this past year. I researched making leather shoes and eventually progressed as far as purchasing materials, but just at that moment I received a very large order from the bookstore at St. Tikhon’s and then it was the Christmas rush. Everything, including the shoes, got put on hold. That’s one of my goals for this year. Here are some of the dolls I’ve made, in chronological order.

Coptic archimandrite custom order from photos
A reproduction of his favorite Leica camera was also requested. This was a bit outside my skill set.
This doll included my first foray into smocking.
These dolls were a new type: teething nun dolls. I made several in different colors.
This was my first “baby doll”. She was weighted, another first.
This one turned into one of my favorites! More smocking too.
(This poor doll never progressed past the head. Finishing her is one of my priorities.)
(I didn’t want to give this one up, but she did go to a very good home.)
I also had an order for additional doll clothes from the person who adopted an earlier doll.

Well, I made other things as well: too many censer to count, some play vestments, baby mink and nun dolls, and one more thing which might be of interest: a priest’s travel set, made by request and modeled after one at the museum at St. Tikhon’s.

The cuffs are the normal size. The epitrachelion is much smaller so the entire set could fit in a small case for travel. This is my first and only venture into actual vestments.

6 thoughts on “2021 Project Roundup

  1. WOW! You have been busy!! I wonder, if you had been able to write blog posts more easily back then, if you’d have been so productive 😉

    From making only two doll heads of this type, I was intrigued by how much personality emerged in each face, from the way I stuffed the head, and where I put the eyes, etc. Your dolls have a lot of personality, as real babies do. And your clothes are exquisite.

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