The next step: moving photos

I’ve had fun this year with my camera, a Canon EOS 2000D. When we went on vacation in October (southern TN and the AL coast) I took tons of photos. I’m now just starting to move photos from my camera onto the laptop. I need a photo editing software so I can manipulate the raw images, but at least I’ve managed to move some over. It’s so, so much easier to edit on a large screen as opposed to my phone (which can only handle JPEG anyway). I will be deleting about 70% or more of the photos now that I can see just how poor many of them are. Anyway, here are just a couple for fun. They’re only edited from JPEG using the photo editing program that comes with the PC (basic as heck).

This (and the next two) taken near Belfast, TN
The Chapel, The University of the South, Sewanee, TN

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