Elizabeth’s Wedding

Two weeks after the first wedding, we had another! Thank heavens the groom’s sweet (and energetic) mother, Mollie, took over the lion’s share of the planning for this one, because I was already overwhelmed with the first. In addition, it was held in his hometown so there wasn’t much on-the-ground work I could do without traveling.

Since the previous wedding post format worked reasonably well I’ll stick to that here too. Unfortunately the only photos I have are my own since I don’t have the formal ones yet. That also means that because I wasn’t free to roam all over the place taking photos this time I only have wedding photos from a limited vantage point.

The Dress

This was a more complicated portion than originally expected because the vintage dress she originally chose no longer fit. Long-story short, she went shopping in Austin with her prospective mother-in-law and found a dress she loved. It needed a few alterations so we had those done locally (the style and materials were completely beyond my abilities). She looked absolutely lovely.

Second fitting
Ready to go!
(Taken during the reception)

The Flowers

I had very little to do with this! Elizabeth chose all of her flowers in consultation with a florist. They were all very beautiful!

The Crowns

Elizabeth and Jacob wanted stefana for their wedding and I offered to make them. I think they were happy with them.

The Candles

I made the candles for this wedding too and this time I wrapped them in bubble wrap! The bows and matching ribbons actually came from the flower girl dresses. I replaced them with blue sashes to match the bridesmaids’ dresses but the things I removed were far too pretty to waste. It was a crowning inspiration to use them for the candles!

The Flower Girls’ Dresses

I did not make these dresses; they were purchased as a gift rather early on. When the colors for the wedding were decided we chose to replace the belts and bows as mentioned earlier. I tacked them down all the way around because sashes slipping way above the waistline is a pet peeve of mine. They weren’t satin, but otherwise they certainly fit one of my favorite things: “girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.”

The Flower Girls’ Crowns

Just as with the first wedding I made flower crowns for the flower girls. I used dried flowers and added pearls to tie in with the theme.

The Flower Girls’ Baskets

This time they were actually going to scatter rose petals! There’s not much more to say about the baskets other than they worked just fine. Here are some pictures:

The Wedding

Finally! After all, this is what the whole thing was for!

It’s easiest to show this in a series of photos and videos. It took place at St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church in Cedar Park, TX, where we attended Liturgy that morning and were very graciously received!

Not too bad a job, considering.
The Betrothal
The Crowning
The best man did a great job!

And lest I forget, guess who fell asleep again? 😄

Catherine was happy finally to be allowed to break out her camera!
My children. 💕

The Reception

Elizabeth and Mollie chose a gorgeous spot for the reception! Talk about opportunities for photos! Naturally I barely took advantage of this. *eye roll*

Mollie made this cake from scratch. It was dairy, egg, and nut-free due to family food allergies. Isn’t it spectacular?!
Recognize this?
I took a video too, but Father will kill me if I post it. The music was “Xekina Mia Psaroboulla” from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” There was a lot of clapping along.

I wish I had more to share! We had a great time and I felt more like a guest than a hostess!

Many Years to the newlyweds!

9 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Wedding

  1. Oh my goodness! Two such different weddings but each so perfect! Elizabeth was gorgeous, and that dress! Much love to all of you, many years to the newlyweds.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The lace on that train!!!!

    They are all so beautiful. My three favorites:

    Group pic of your kids

    Bride & Groom on the swing

    Two precious flower girls

    ❤️❤️❤️ so happy for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a beautiful dress and bride! What was happening when the newlyweds were facing the other churchgoers? I’m always fascinated to see the tiny differences between various (Orthodox) church rituals 🙂 Congratulations on both weddings, I think you have done an amazing job as a mother!

    Liked by 1 person

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