Spring Planting

Yes, it’s spring! It certainly felt that way before last week’s freeze, but we won’t get anything remotely like that again this year. We’ve had the windows open for a few days straight. It’s lovely to have all of the fresh air.

Today was my planting day. I was too busy the last couple days to get any of it done. I started out by planting some zephyranthes bulbs a parishioner had given us this weekend (they were wrapped and damp so I think they survived ok). I may have to thin them later but I was in a hurry to get them into the ground. Everything in the bed right by the front door had died a frozen, mushy death, so I just dug it up. In the overhead picture below it looks most unimpressive, but if I baby them along I think they’ll bounce back.

The rosemary had been ready to put in soil since last week but I wanted to get some nice warm weather going before I potted them. I hope they’ll be happy in this pot.

I rearranged all of the pots out front. The ferns had been further out on the front walk to get some sun after having been inside for nearly a week. I put them back by the door and rearranged the herbs. The smaller empty-looking pots have thumbellina zinnia seeds planted in them.

In the bed where I planted the zephyranthes I also planted regular zinnia and cosmos seeds. I had more snapdragon seeds than I could fit in the tiny seedling pots (see below) so I optimistically scattered the rest of them around the same area.

Moppet helped me put potting soil in the tiny pots and she planted cosmos while I planted snapdragons. I put them on a tray in the kitchen window (which was lonely with the rosemary gone) and I hope we get some seedlings. I’m always shocked when I plant something that grows. It’s like a miracle every time. Hopefully the icons and crosses in the window will help as well.

(Side note: my wandering Jew is doing nicely and turning more purple now that the sun has been out more.)

I had nothing to do with this moss growing by a downspout, but I just love the way it covers all the contours and softens them.

6 thoughts on “Spring Planting

  1. I’m jealous. We just got about 4” of snow again last night. The last few nights we’ve had that pretty, soft snow. But my flower beds are buried. I’m itching to plant! Our windows are frozen shut. I can’t wait for that so I can put the screens back on and open the windows! The birds are still hiding and I think the seed in their feeders is frozen, too. The long time locals say we’re in for a long winter – maybe until May. Ugh. Going on a farm tour today at the State Fairgrounds. I need to find my knee-high snow boots! Have fun with the fresh air, sunshine, and seeds sprouting!!! Meanwhile here in Alaska, we’re still bundled up! 🤣

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  2. Are you a mother-in-law yet? I miss your regular blog posting but I understand why you seldom post.
    Blessings to you and your family.


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