Advent Updates

Advent is moving swiftly! We put the tree up yesterday and will finish decorating the house today. Jacob, Elizabeth’s fiancé, is coming for the weekend and I’m going to try to get a group picture of all nine (including AJ, Eleanor’s fiancé) tomorrow.

Rain and perhaps thunderstorms are moving in by midday but it gave us a beautiful red sunrise. I had planned to stay home all day but I might run out this morning for one more string of lights. More is more!

Sunday is supposed to be rainy too so I decided it would be a good time to construct and decorate the gingerbread houses. Operations will move to the dining table to make room for everyone and I purchased a wipe-off, Christmas-themed tablecloth for the occasion.

I have two censers to make by Monday. I’m also hoping to complete another doll to list. I finished the sweater (except for buttons) last night and will make her dress today if there’s time. Time is running out to order things and get them before Christmas!

Tip: if you’re making dried orange slices put the ends and any failed slices in a saucepan with some cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and some water, and simmer it on the stove. The house will smell wonderful! Don’t forget to add water occasionally so it doesn’t burn.

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