Living life

We’re firmly into summer here which means a lot of staying indoors except in the early morning or evening. It’s just too hot. Yesterday afternoon the temperature was 98 with a heat index of 108. It was like a sauna. The little girls have a wading pool in the back yard but they’re only permitted in it once it’s in the shade of the house in the after/evening. No amount of sunscreen will keep them from burning otherwise. The neighborhood pool will not open this year because of COVID. I generally compare summer in Houston to winter above the arctic circle: you stay indoors a lot.

Duchess finished her nail technician course yesterday! I know she’s extremely glad to be done; really we all are. It was a long drive down there twice a day and she had to put up with a lot of bullying, being the only, or nearly the only non-minority student. The least said about that the better. She’ll be permitted to take the tests for certification after a week. We’re very proud of her for sticking it out.

I had a wretched situation arise a week ago wherein my very-needed shipment of doll-making supplies, namely wool stuffing, was bounced around between incorrect post offices. I finally got it, a week late, but not before I had to place another order just for wool. I knew I would use it all anyway so it’s not money wasted. I just want to put in a plug for the company, Weir Crafts, for their superb customer service. When I placed the second order, in the notes section I explained the post office had kidnapped my previous order and I was ordering the wool as a temporary replacement. I received a call that day from a representative of the company who had taken it upon herself to follow the tracking, look up the last post office listed, and call them to try to track it down. She got the same run-around I did and wanted to know if there was *anything* else they could put on my (new) package to make sure it got to me. Unfortunately it was simply a postal screw-up and nothing that could be done on either of our ends. We commiserated about shipping woes and I told them how much I appreciated their company for their high-quality products, fast shipping (on their part!) and now excellent customer service. I left similar reviews on their Facebook page. I think good companies should be highlighted. They have other items besides doll-making supplies: needle-felting being the most popular one. It’s great for crafting in general and their prices are competitive. Give them a look-see:

Anyway, while I was waiting for things to arrive I had some down time. I had two orders that couldn’t advance until I had the wool so I set them aside and started knitting hats for ICU babies. There had been a request on our neighborhood FB page for preemie things which could be donated to the local NICUs. I didn’t have anything (obviously) but I’ve previously made and donated hats for both micro-preemies and small stillborn babies. I’ve made 14 at the last count but I want to make a few more before I call the lady to donate them. They’re great for using up leftover skeins. If you knit and want a little portable project with nearly instant gratification (because they work up so quickly) that will not bore you (keep switching colors), please consider doing this for hospitals in your own area, or for crisis pregnancy centers (I’ve done this for them too).

Of course I can’t forget the Fourth of July! We watched fireworks right here in our own neighborhood. It’s unincorporated so there are no laws respecting fireworks. Of course the HOA forbids them but no one pays any attention to that. Because community fireworks displays were not cancelled, but more restricted, I think the neighborhood fireworks were ever so slightly more exuberant. Of course it’s always like the War of 1812 around here on fireworks-appropriate holidays. [Tangentially inserting that I think it’s awesome that Californians shot off so many fireworks despite the tyrannical decrees! It’s the first nice thing I’ve had to say about California in ages.]

Slow motion

I’m working on a new doll, but more about that when I get a little farther along.

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  1. Looks like your summer has been busy and full of fun! Despite the heat. Congrats to your daughter on her accomplishments and I hope it all works out for her. Sorry you have to live with the craziness that is California. We read about that state and realize our governor seems to be trying to keep up with creepy Newsom who I swear I saw horns on last time I saw a photo of him

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