Good News

I thought I’d list some good news here. Hard to see it through the haze of bad news lately.

  • COVID death rates per cases are dropping! Looks like some combination of (1) more effective treatment protocols, (2) possible virus mutation, and/or (3) it’s already burned through a lot of the most vulnerable population.
  • A lot of us are getting to go to church, in person, at least on a regular basis if not at the frequency we might desire.
  • An antidote to news channels who hype you up has been found! Turn it off.
  • Laughter is still free.
  • Despite all of the race-baiting, most of us who live in racially diverse neighborhoods are living peaceful lives, still being friendly and helpful to each other. [All of my immediate neighbors are black, Hispanic, or Asian.] May it continue!
  • God is still God and nothing can change that.
  • Every day is a new day and a fresh start.
  • You are in complete control of your own words, actions, and outlook. Choose to say kind things, live out the Beatitudes, and see the good in people, and your experience of the world will change immensely. No one is stopping you!

This is all good news! And the great thing is, the more you look for good news and expect to find it, the more you will find. Here’s to a great day!

8 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Thank you. We needed that! I tried to tell my neighbor that death rates are dropping and that almost 80 percent of those who died in our state were locked in nursing homes but she won’t listen at all — just keeps repeating “it’s dangerous” and looking all glazed over with fear. I don’t know what to do about it but people don’t seem to be able to reason for themselves during this and I find that very sad.

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    • Well, the news has focused on the new case numbers rather than the death rates. I have to keep track of the ratio of new cases/number of tests performed in our county. If it starts going up we will be more restricted at church. Despite case numbers going up the rate has been steady: 6% of tests are positive. And we’re adjoining Houston, so that’s saying something. Also, total number of deaths for our county: 36.

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