New Doll(s)

I finished this doll the other day and mailed her yesterday to a friend who couldn’t resist her. I had so much fun making a doll with hair that looks real. As I mentioned in a previous post, this is mohair weft, from an adult angora goat. It’s a little coarse, but absolutely like real hair. I learn a little more about doll-making with every doll I make which is a great bonus.

I began another doll yesterday, commissioned by the same person who asked for the sister dolls I made recently. This one will head to Greece when she’s done. She will be like the sister dolls with yarn hair (by request). I finally finished rooting all of the yarn strands last night; I used most of a large skein of yarn. I won’t give her a haircut until I get farther along on her body so I can be sure of her personality.

I ordered more wool from Weir Crafts because I’m nearly out. At the same time I ordered two more mohair wefts: one blond and curly, one dark brown and straight. Weir Crafts is where I order all of my wool for stuffing, material for doll skin, and mohair yarn for hair. They’re a fantastic company and have many more types of craft supplies including doll kits if you want to try making your own.

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