Saturday morning

My rosebud is opening up.

Another bud is starting to open too.

It’s been a busy couple of days, but in a way it feels like I’ve gotten nothing done. Don’t you hate that? So much of the work is intangible: taking care of small children which involves a lot of “watch me, Mama!”

I did make a few censer keychains for an order and I’ll mail those this morning. I’ve been working on socks for the current doll in dark green wool but when dolls have rather bulbous feet you have to improvise. After a few failed attempts I’m basically making tube socks. Inelegant, but so are the feet that wear them.

I downsized Moppet’s quilt to a twin to match Mittens’ and to fit her bed better. We inherited matching sets but one was full. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and finally got around to it on a day I stripped the beds to wash sheets. Out of the leftover strip I made four doll quilts, just adding binding (actually white grosgrain ribbon) around the edges. The girls were pleased to have matching quilts for their dolls.

Yesterday morning it was kind of humid but not ridiculously hot out so we colored with chalk and blew bubbles. Mostly bubbles.

I was late getting to see the sunset last night, and the time-lapse isn’t worth sharing, but here’s a nice picture of what I did see:

This weekend I get to go to Liturgy with the little girls. Because our ratio of positive to total tests (COVID) has been trending down and then stable we had been allowed to progress to the next phase of church opening. It meant as many services as we wanted, laity could attend any service, not just Sunday Liturgy, and we were allowed as many people as could fit in the allotted square footage of the church with 6’ social distancing. Unfortunately, Texas overall and Houston in particular is seeing a spike in cases and I fear this weekend is the last in this phase for a while. I suspect by Monday when I run the numbers we’ll have to admit there is an upward trend and we’ll be back to phase I-b (or something) which means Sunday-only attendance, half as many attendees, etc. Well, the Lord gives and the Lord takes away… It should be only a temporary situation, again.

On a lighter note, here are some recent photos. A month ago I saw a red-winged blackbird for the first time ever.

And here are some other photos I haven’t shared previously:

3 thoughts on “Saturday morning

  1. Gorgeous photos. We have tons of red winged blackbirds in our area. I love their wings! Sounds like you have been having similar days to mine. I feel like my main job is entertaining a 5-year old and getting very little of importance done.

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