I love taking pictures of flowers, especially macro pictures. The closer you get the more there is to see in the structure of each flower. The simplest is actually full of incredible detail. My little girls are always stopping on walks or in the yard to peer down at the tiniest flowers, marveling at their beauty. On another day I will post photographs of only flowers less than 1/2” across just for variety.

That flower in the gallery that is 4th down on the right is mimosa, but not on a tree. Early the other morning I was in the front yard and spotted this lone blossom a couple inches from the ground. I couldn’t imagine what it was. I searched online for “looks like mimosa” and finally realized it is mimosa, but not in a form I had ever seen. Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry:

Mimosa strigillosa, also known as sunshine mimosa and powderpuff, is a perennialground cover in the family Mimosaceae that is native to nearly all US states bordering the Gulf of Mexico and grows north into Georgia and Arkansas as well.

Later I went out and saw the distinctive leaves along the ground, something I had missed that morning. I checked to see if they were touch sensitive and they are. Look:

Aren’t there little wonders everywhere?

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