Two recent Orthodox dolls

This is the most recent (custom) priest doll.

This next doll was ordered by the same person, a bit of a departure because he is the first saint doll I have made. This is St. Christos the Gardener.

The cover of this children’s book was the inspiration.
In some icons he’s depicted holding one or more apples.

7 thoughts on “Two recent Orthodox dolls

      • For sure, and ones with distinct features. Like St. Catherine with a wheel or St. Panteleimon with his medicine box, St. George perhaps (although the white horse could make it more elaborate/ expensive), St. Nicholas with gold coins, St. Mary Magdalene with a red egg and/or bottle of myrrh. Maybe even St. Luke the Evangelist with a paint-brush and small canvas with an icon of the Mother of God as he was the first iconographer.

        I think it’d be a really nice gift to be able to give a child that bears the saint’s name.

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