Glorious Day

What a beautiful day!

The sunrise this morning was gorgeous and I decided to glory in what I *could* see instead of bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t leave the house to head to my better view.

The humidity is only 35% and I have the windows open. Most of the morning work is done (alas, not the kitchen) and I’m sitting in a chair in the breeze getting ready to stitch a little plastic canvas cross. Not all making has to be of the exalted type.

On impulse I put on some lilac lotion. Why don’t I wear scented lotion more often? It’s such a mood-lifter. I need to make an effort to do this.

I’m looking at my hands. They’re looking older. I remember comparing my hand with my mother’s hand and my grandmother’s hand. There’s a feeling of continuity and mortality there.

Well, enough musing. Time to stitch.

4 thoughts on “Glorious Day

  1. I feel like such a kindred spirit, reading this. I look at my hands too, and see how they are looking more like other older hands I remember and love. It’s funny – I was thinking that in some odd way, I felt my responsibility was to be beautiful when I was younger, and now I feel like the important thing is to be loveable. Of course that comes with my older-human sense of what’s involved in those two things and what parts of them are and are not in our control. I love the thought of you sitting in the breeze and sewing a small thing. Life is made of small things, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to it being warm enough here to open windows and work in a breeze. And just to put the icing on my kindred feeling, I’ve been enjoying hand lotion recently that accidentally smells of lilacs. It’s quite plebeian, not fancy at all, and it says it is unscented, but to me, it definitely smells of lilacs, and they are one of my very favorite flowers.

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