Dutch Babies and Strawberries

Handmade whipped cream
The presentation lacked sophistication.
My sad, coconut flour Dutch baby

It was actually an accident that I planned Dutch babies for tonight, Shrove Tuesday. We don’t celebrate it as such, it being a more Catholic tradition, but as a nod to my childhood I’ve done this on the past. Because I wasn’t planning to miss out on it entirely (and because Father had a house blessing tonight and wouldn’t be here for dinner) I decided to make a low carb one for myself. I previously did this with almond flour, but decided to try coconut flour this time. Two observations: coconut flour probably isn’t the best choice because it was rather grainy and crumbly, and if I did decided to try it again I’d cut the proportion of flour in half. Coconut flour does absorb an alarming amount of liquid and I didn’t completely take this into account. Of course nothing can really replace the real thing.

Still, if you put enough sugar-free syrup on it… (I’ll go back to almond flour next time.)

3 thoughts on “Dutch Babies and Strawberries

  1. I just read this today…2nd day of Lent. 😦 It makes me hungry. But I will have to wait. I’ve never had this or made it but it looks amazing and I am all about low carb. So I would love your recipe for low carb using the almond flour. Maybe after lent. 🙂

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