Antique Mall

Friday I took Flopsy and Duchess to a nearby antique mall for Flopsy’s birthday present. I hadn’t been there before and it’s larger than the one I’ve been to several other times. She picked out an end table with magazine rack underneath to hold her record player and (some of) her records. She also found a new Lularoe skirt for $5. I got two paper mache eggs to add to my collection, a 1951 cookbook (priced extremely low at $6.50; a woman passing by pointed it out and said she’d always seen it priced for at least $40 and I should get it because it’s awesome, especially the potato salad recipe. 😄), plus a few National Geographics (1959-1961, $1 each), a small, hand-thrown brown bowl with blue glaze that matches something else I have ($1) and two red glass votives ($1 each) for Father.

I was extremely tempted by the PlaySkool McDonalds playset! I used to love playing with this. Apparently it came out in 1975. There were lots of vintage toys, but really, there was a lot of everything.

[Time out for a little save: Father just realized he forgot beef broth for a recipe he’s trying out tonight but last week I got two containers when we only needed one for something else. Win!]

Anyway, we enjoyed it thoroughly except for an extraordinarily annoying employee, the type that follows you around like they think you’re on the brink of shoplifting. She was obnoxious enough that I’d hesitate to go back. Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you consider Father’s point of view) there are lots of antique malls so we can afford to skip that one in the future.

7 thoughts on “Antique Mall

    • Yes, that sort of person is very annoying. But good finds! If I had $72 to play with I would have considered getting one of the two rare Galveston books (only one shown, both 1900). Oh, and the McDonald’s playset. 😁


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