New Week

Yes, this is Tuesday and not the beginning of the week, but sometimes I get a late start.*

There’s always so much optimism in the beginning of a week. I imagine how productive I will be, how I will stick to the diet, how I will wear my step-counter and exercise more, how I will get some lingering projects done. By the time Friday is rolling around that optimism is generally gone and my only hope is to get something done before Saturday afternoon when the weekend’s round of church services begin.

With the recent move and concurrent shop-related things (Ancient Faith Artisan’s week, large order of censers and dolls), plus Father gone half of last week to a pastoral conference in Florida, it feels like not much has gotten done. That’s not strictly true, but that’s how it feels. Today feels like the beginning of normalcy.

This morning I finally got a few significant things put away that hadn’t yet found a home. I also got laundry started and tidied the kitchen. There are still some major things to be done: cleaning out the garage and getting it organized being the largest. I finished the large order of dolls for St. Tikhon’s yesterday and also a censer. As soon as the dolls are properly ordered I’ll take everything to the post office. I have two small dolls now commissioned and am beginning those.

*Small pause to change out laundry because the washer is singing to me. Samsung washers and dryers play 30 seconds of Schubert’s The Trout (I kid you not) when the cycle is done to celebrate doing a good job, I guess.*

The weather has been weird, sort of damp and foggy, not very cold (although we had frost on Valentine’s Day), sunny at times, but then muggy. It hasn’t been very nice to be out in. At this point I’m just looking forward to the spring storms. I’m mourning my loss of sunset vantage point and wishing I could come up with a good set up.

My blogging has been sporadic partly because I’ve been busy, and partly because it’s aggravating to do on a phone. To be honest, I’d really love a laptop. Maybe one day.

I hope everyone has a good (rest of the) week!

*Gorgeous azaleas and camellias courtesy of a parishioner and friend.

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