Big Day

Today is the big moving day. It started a few hours ago and already a big box truck is full. They’re putting furniture on a pickup truck now and will then drive 0.35 miles to unload it all. And come back for another load. It’s exhausting, and we’ve been doing this (minus the heavy furniture) for 3 days now. Lord have mercy.

I was just out in the garage to get another moving blanket to wrap some plate glass and noticed an ambulance responding to a call across the street. Three police cars had also responded, and with the box truck mostly in our driveway and half in the road, the street was filling up. That’s when I saw the school bus round the corner and come down the street. Fortunately the ambulance was just about to pull out or it would have been gridlock for a while. Lord have mercy. Not sure what’s going on over there but it’s clear they’re having a worse day than I am.

Actually, I can’t say I’m having a bad day at all apart from minor injuries and general bewilderment. I’m washing all of the linens as they came off mattresses this morning, and throwing everyone’s regular laundry in as well. At least everyone will be on clean sheets tonight, and in actual beds, because as of last night around 10 we got the rest of the bed frames constructed.

Moving is so discombobulating.

I am so thankful for all of the people who have donated trucks for us to use, dollies, moving paraphernalia, collected boxes for us, given their time and manual labor in physically moving things, not commented on the dust, provided hot meals, been patient and playful with our smallest children, kept in good humor, and generally just been all-around wonderful. Every last one of them is from our parish family and we love them dearly. I prayed this week, and particularly this morning, that God would keep us all safe from injuries. So far, apart from aches, we are all fine.

I’ve spent some snatches of time completely overhauling the “ordering custom Orthodox dolls” page on the shop website in advance of next week. As soon as I can breathe I will update everyone on what’s going on. It’s very exciting even if the timing is unfortunate!

Back to work.

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