Monday Updates

I’m exhausted but I will toss an update out quickly.

Cozy House Curios

I’ve been working on a commissioned priest doll to be given to the priest himself. Except for the ironing he is completely done. I will take nice photos tomorrow but I’ll put up a few here so you can see:

I’m also working on an order to restock St. Tikhon’s Monastery/Seminary bookstore. I’m about halfway done with the censers and will not attempt to start the dolls (not full-size ones) until after the move. I’m not superwoman!

Also, Ancient Faith Ministries is starting an artisan’s corner on their website. Around 16 (20? 24? I’m too tired to remember anything but that it is divisible by 4, lol) shops will be linked through their page and you can purchase Orthodox items (and whatever else they sell) directly from those sites. Ordinarily I would be working like mad to make censers ahead of the inevitable orders but (1) I already am 😬 and (2) we’re moving. Which brings me to…


Yes, so I’ve actually packed a few more boxes. Much, much more to do but we have the rest of this week and really some of next week. We get the keys a week from today and will probably do the heavy moving Tuesday-Wednesday when we have more physical help. The house is beginning to get that forlorn look and it’s making me want to hurry up and get settled.

[Quick time out to take a photo of the sunset afterglow:]

Cone to think of it, need a whole Sunsets heading. These were taken after Vespers Saturday:

I think that’s about it. Heading down to dinner!

8 thoughts on “Monday Updates

  1. When I made two Waldorf dolls a few years ago I was astounded at how different their personalities seemed, just because of the shape of the face, or the slight slant of the eyes, etc. Your priest doll is, as Elizabeth noted, a kind and contented man. 🙂

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