Rolling along

I didn’t even know these succulents bloomed.

Look at the cool symmetry of this weed.

New grass under the bird feeder.

After posting these pictures I looked back over them and decided anyone could be forgiven if he thought it looked like a spring slideshow.

Truth be told, it has felt more like spring than anything. The highs have been in the 70’s and the lows only down to upper 50’s at best. It’s been foggy and drizzly in the mornings with the sun heating things up later in the day. The ground is saturated and everything stays a bit wet. Plants are shooting up everywhere and I wouldn’t be surprised to see buds on my pathetic magnolia soon.

Packing is going slowly. I haven’t been able to put my whole mind to it because I’m alternately working on censers for St. Tikhon’s, making a custom priest doll, and running packages to the post office. In addition, life goes on with its trips to the grocery store, appointments, etc. The little packing I have done has been in the little girls’ room because the more things safely taped away in boxes, the less they have available to make a mess with. Don’t worry, they are perseverant and do wonders with what they have. The older kids have been working on packing their own things. I gave them (primarily the boys; the girls have more experience) three instructions:

  1. Pack things so they won’t break.
  2. Don’t pack anything you’ll need in the next week and a half.
  3. When packing books use smaller boxes. If you can’t lift it I don’t want to kill myself getting it downstairs.

I remember previous moves. The one before last comes to mind*. I had this awesome system that would have worked GREAT if everyone else were on board with it. This time I’m back to the standard practice of label the box with whatever the majority of the contents is. The little ones like to help and Moppet has actually learned how to spell a new word: t-o-y-s.

The thing I dread most is the piano. We figured out that it quite literally weighs 500 lbs. #mercifulheavens

*Seriously, go read this. I had a good laugh remembering.

7 thoughts on “Rolling along

  1. oh hugs. I guess the part where one unloads the boxes (and perhaps how they are loaded) would be key to a more indepth system! I don’t remember how we last did our move but I think by room (dining room, kitchen) etc. God be with you in all of this! and of course HE IS with you ❤

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  2. You have my sympathy. Hubby and I are making our 12th (or 13th, I can’t remember) in March. I despise & loath moving. I hope it goes smoothly. Sell the boxes in Facebook marketplace. Maybe you can make a little cash to ease the expenses.

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  3. I remember my parents selling our old upright grand before a move. It weighed a quarter ton, I believe, and a group of college kids came to buy it and haul it away in a pick up. I remember they finally managed to heave and roll it into the back, and then one of them climbed in the back “to steady it” on the ride. We heard him shouting to the driver to slow down as they disappeared down the hill, and my mama checked all the news reports that night, fearing to hear of a dreadful accident.

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  4. We are not looking forward to moving in some ways and the packing is the main reason why. We haven’t even sold our house and we are already planning to move things to my parents temporarily so we won’t have as much to put in the moving truck.

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