[Photo completely at odds with my disjointed state of mind]

Moving is a pain. I mean, it’s good, it has some good aspects, but overall it’s dreadful.

I’m very overwhelmed right now. The big girls have gone back to school so I can’t reply on them to help with little ones. It’s house blessing season and parish life rolls right on ahead, regardless of what’s going on. Moppet still has speech twice a week. I’ve got a sale going on in the shop and that’s great and helpful, but of course things still need to be packaged and taken to the post office. AND, I’m still working on orders, not small ones either. The packing has just begun and it feels impossible. I took the time to fill four big boxes in the little girls’ room today because that means fewer things to make a mess with. Good investment of time. They “got to” help and I was even able to use it to bribe Mittens to sit down and eat her lunch. Who knew?

I have that panicky I’ve-forgotten-something feeling all the time despite a binder full of lists.

Oh, there’s the sun. Almost forgot what it looked like.

The artisan’s corner at Ancient Faith will open near the beginning of February. Exciting, but more panic because ordinarily I’d be using this time to get a jump start on making censers.

I told Father yesterday that I had a prayer request: “God, please arrange things so I don’t need to sleep or stop for meals for the next few weeks. Also, I’d like two more arms, and a clone I could delegate things to. Just for a couple weeks. If it’s not too much trouble.”

Ok, deep breath. Back to work.

16 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. I realize it’s a pain to move. I’ve moved so many times my friends put me in their address books in pencil! Not kidding! 7 years ago we went from 3500 sq ft on a golf course to a 30-foot u-haul and a drive up the Al/Can Highway yo an 1800 sq ft home in Alaska. 3 years ago we bought a 2000 st ft home and we purged so much and it feels so good. I’m determined to never move again – I call this my casket house – and will only leave in alone box – and unpacked and got rid of all my boxes. I am determined to be simple. Lean. Less stuff. Look on it as an opportunity to grow! I will add you to my prayer list! You’ve got this!!! ❤️🙏❤️

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  2. I totally understand how overwhelming moving is! I think I’ve moved at least 15 times the since I was 18! If you are able to do so I would recommend hiring someone to help you pack… I did this for what I moved from Ottawa to New Jersey and for when we moved from a rented condo to the one we bought in New Jersey… it really helps if this is not an option then I wonder if you have any friends who could keep you company while you pack? I lit a blessed candle for you and send lots of love!

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  3. We are trying to selling our house, have a showing in the morning and I have caught a cold and it’s that “lovely” time of the month. I share this not to try to compete in some way but to say “what is with all the business and craziness with everyone lately?!” Do what I have not been doing. Try to take it one day at a time and If you can’t do that try to take it one hour at a time.

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  4. Just keep telling yourself that you will walk through the house one last time before you leave, so you will see anything that got forgotten, pick it up, and put it in the truck. It doesn’t matter if the boxes are well packed. It just matters that they are packed at all.

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