Busy busy busy

I’m absolutely beat. Bear with me: this is not going to be a beautiful-uplifting-reflection-essay, but a let-me-get-my-head-on-straight post.

So, to cut to the chase, we are moving. Not far, granted, literally just across the neighborhood. Our current landlords are selling the house this spring so we had to go house hunting. Finding something with enough space, in the correct arrangement, in budget, not horribly far from the church, is a tall order. We could have gone with something quite nice, completely redone, with lots of trees and backing onto a golf course, but 2 years ago it had 8 feet of water in it (and it’s a one storey house). No flood plains, thank you.

So we found a house with lots of space and enough bedrooms (5, plus the game room for the little girls), but alas, no trees, not even a crepe myrtle. Well, you can’t have everything.

We can take possession 2 weeks from Monday. The goal is to move over M-F and be settled again by the next weekend in time for services. I literally started packing the first things this afternoon as we were taking down and putting away all the Christmas things. My to-do list is massive.

In addition, St. Tikhon’s monastery bookstore is wanting dolls and censers. 😳 I have an order for a priest doll already, and I’m trying to figure out how it will all get done. I’m genuinely not complaining because God is providing the means to pay for all the expenses associated with moving. I just hope it can all get done. I don’t yet know when they want the order ready by yet; it’s still in the discussion stage. May God strengthen me!

The big girls start back to college classes on Monday and I know I will miss their help. They did very well last semester and I’m sure they will this semester too. Homeschool will be spotty at best until we’re settled.

One big blessing: we’re not having to move in August! That’s a big deal in the south. When we moved here we literally had to cool off after every trip in and out of the truck because it was so hot we were getting dizzy.

25 thoughts on “Busy busy busy

    • We are definitely going to be getting some help from parishioners. Several helped us when we moved in and there’s help available this time too. Thank God for them! No one else can do the sewing and crocheting though, lol.


  1. May God strengthen you for all that is ahead! We moved recently and life didn’t slow down just because we were moving. The ‘to-do’ list was indeed endless but God did provide and somehow we got everything done. I appreciate all the ways you have highlighted what has been provided! May God help you see those things each day–I think that is what got me through it.

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  2. To quote a line from one of my all time favorite books, Excellent Women by Barbara Pym, “Moving is such a business.” I am very glad you will not be too far from the church. Prayers for a smooth transition and mostly that you are able to get your sewing and crocheting done as well.

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  3. I’m so glad to hear you found something! It can be a harrowing time. My sister tried to convince me to buy a condo in an area that was on a floodplain and floods a lot, only because it was cheaper. But what good is it if things are getting destroyed? No wonder there were so many condos for sale in that area. Just like you, Glory to God, I found something just in time. May God grant you many blessings in your new place! 🙏💕☦️🕊

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