It’s glorious out! I can’t bear to be inside. Overcast, windy with some good gusts, the palm trees making a wonderful racket. Oh, it’s also 73. I’m in short sleeves, a skirt, apron, and flip-flops. Down here, winter is the season we can be outside almost all the time. There is also the possibility of severe weather tomorrow night. What wealth!

I have a handheld anemometer. I’d wanted to measure the max gusts but I can’t just stand out in the middle of the yard all day. I’ve had to fix lunches and I’m working on a censer. Introducing rubber band engineering:

7 thoughts on “Windy

  1. How fun to measure the wind gusts! Our weather has been wonderfully mild the last month here in GA. I wish it would last just like this till spring. I’m trying to spend as much time outside each day as I can.

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