Vintage clothing shopping

The girls love me to take them to Camille’s nearby in Old Town Spring. She has lots of antique china, jewelry, and clothing, as well as painted shabby chic furniture, picture frames, etc. it’s hard to put a finger on, but it’s a lovely place to wander.

Camille herself loves it when we come in because the girls always put on a fashion show for her. She enjoys seeing some of the tinier things work because no one else fits into them. This last time she gave me a dress which had been destroyed by the hanger being shoved back in a crowded part of a rack. The lace on the sleeves was irreparable and she couldn’t sell it. We had discussed using vintage textiles unusable for their intended purpose in other forms (such as the beautiful but mostly destroyed baby dress I made the doll dress from). I think I see some little sachets coming out of the good parts of this dress:

Isn’t that a lovely subtle pink under the lace overlay?

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