Cookies and Cream Cake

Wednesday was Pickles’s and Father’s birthday. We celebrated Thursday night because Wednesday we had Vespers.

I made a slightly different cake this time. I used the Better Homes and Gardens yellow cake recipe (old standby) and sprinkled chocolate chips in each of the three pans before baking. The frosting was just a regular buttercream frosting but I crushed some Oreos and blended that in to make cookies and cream frosting. I piped six swirls if reserved plain buttercream on top and stuck an Oreo half in each. I know that in similar bakery cakes the swirls are larger and higher, but I couldn’t bring myself to put that much frosting on a cake.

This was actually pretty easy and quite a number of variations are possible. In a hurry you could do the exact same thing with cake mix and canned frosting.

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