Tuesday outing

Tuesday we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner to celebrate Father’s and Pickles’ birthdays (courtesy of my brother and his wife who gave us gift cards for Christmas – thank you!). We sat outside, the weather being quite unseasonal (even for Houston) and the little girls were entertained by watching the trolly make regular stops. Pickles tried the calamari and declared it delicious, until we told him what it was. Oh well. Everyone had a great time!

Afterward we went for a walk along the waterway to see if we could see the ducks. We didn’t, but it was a nice evening for a walk and the Christmas lights were pretty.

We then went into Barnes and Nobles for Pickles to do some birthday shopping. I entertained the little ones in the children’s section while everyone else shopped. They put on a show about dancing butterflies for me.

We had the cake-and-presents last night and I will put that into a separate post.

(The top photo is of a 22 degree halo around the sun seen that afternoon.)

2 thoughts on “Tuesday outing

  1. What a great birthday celebration – at your favorite place too!!! Looks like a good time was had. Remind me to tell you where the koi pond is. I think you all would LOVE it if you haven’t been there already.


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