Bits and pieces

Father has wanted a fish tank forever. He decided to get one for his birthday, and Wednesday (his actual birthday) he got the first eight fish. Everyone has loved looking at them.

We’ve been treated to some lovely sunsets lately. Here you can see the crescent moon too:

Moppet has been longing for a BIG LOLLIPOP for ages. When Father took Pickles to the mall to do some birthday shopping, they stopped at s candy store and got one each for Moppet and Mittens. Here’s Mittens posing with hers:

Tuesday midday several of us went over to work on the church hall. We got the kitchen set to rights (mostly) and made headway on the office-to-be. The little ones rode their scooters up and down the walkway.

3 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. You are absolutely right. A few years ago my father built a goldfish pond in his back yard. He placed a bench on one side, a water feature on another and plants all around. It’s a lovely place to relax. And those goldfish, to my surprise, are delighted to see people.

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