Collecting Thoughts

I have no shiny resolutions for 2019. I don’t think it’s that I’m jaded; I think I’m just in a day-to-day survival mode. After 10 or so days with not more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep, it happens. When small children are sick it consumes your life. I’m not so much pessimistic as I am tired.

I realized this morning that I passed the 10th anniversary of this blog last October/November. That’s a long time in blog years. I haven’t been the most faithful to it and there have been ups and downs. And yet, here I am. I got in the habit the last few months of micro-blogging on Instagram, but I need to periodically collect my thoughts and write in a quiet space.

The rain is coming down. Again. I know we have had some lovely weather, but those sunny, breezy days never have time to dry things out before a curtain of rain descends again. I do like storms, but endless drenching rain is not the same thing. The property our church buildings are on is perpetually covered with extensive puddles. It has been this way for months. My suggestion of installing a koi pond has not received universal acclaim, however, we do have a body of water close at hand to bless on Theophany: Lake St. Cyril. Step out onto the deck and throw out the cross.

My friend Elissa has invited me onto her live radio show on Ancient Faith (Everyday Orthodox) in a couple weeks. I need to provide her with a short bio and photo (oh, the horror) and I looked back at the announcements for the last few guests to get an idea of content and brevity. I felt very inadequate when I read the extensive lists of accomplishments, degrees, published works, etc. Lately my biggest accomplishment has been getting children to church on time. I mentioned this to her and she wrote an example, off-the-cuff bio based on her knowledge of me over the years. She pointed out that her guests have all been surprised at how their bios look once compiled. Looking at my own, it feels like I am reading about someone else, because I don’t feel anywhere near as accomplished and put-together as the bio would suggest. But there it is. Between all of the diaper-changing, pacing outside church, laundry, doctors’ appointments, shoe-shopping, algebra-teaching, and driving, I managed to accomplish a few things. Surprise!

8 thoughts on “Collecting Thoughts

  1. oh dear friend! So sorry for the exhaustion! I KNOW you have done a lot – just raising kids IS a lot – and you have made so many beautiful things – censers – dolls – miniatures- the most BEAUTIFUL baptismal blankets (heirloom quality), and homeschooling – and being a Matushka – and doing Lost Innocents – and various moves – etc – not to mention a good friend to many, including me 🙂 Hope the littles feel better soon and that you get more sleep!

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  2. Your post reminded me of an encounter I had recently with an elderly Orthodox lady. She has been in poor health for several years and has just enough strength to walk with a walker and fix a little meal. Not so long ago, she walked to a neighbor’s apartment and asked her if she would do her laundry. The neighbor in no uncertain terms let her know she doesn’t have time for her. What was so disheartening about this is that particular neighbor is a seminary student. The elderly lady trod back to her apartment where I encountered her later that day frustrated and in tears. Shortly after my arrival, a faithful friend of the elderly lady returned with the laundry that the seminary student wouldn’t do and reminded her that she would be back to bathe her in the morning. And that faithful friend told the elderly lady to forgive the neighbor who wouldn’t do her laundry because we all have our faults. I’ve heard many good sermons but there in front of me one played out I’ll never forget. P.S. I underwent a major albeit common surgery two weeks ago and have been stuck at home since then unable to drive and limited in my chores that I can do and will be for another week or two. My Orthodox parish family has called and sent flowers. Neighbors, friends and close family have exhibited more compassion and generosity to me than I deserve and have been I dare say those Orthodox Chrisitians that I have so earnestly desired to see.
    Titles, degrees, to which parish do we belong, etc. To be faithful in the little things matters more than most anything we’ll ever do. And you Matushka are faithful.

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    • I don’t deserve those kind words. I hope you regain your strength and health soon! And I’m glad you have had a caring circle to help you through. All of us have times when we must be on the receiving end, however much we prefer to be on the giving end.


  3. An interview on Ancient Faith radio?!! I will be sure an keep an ear out for it. In the meantime, I hope the littles start feeling better so you can get some sleep.

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  4. That is wonderful!!! You should have told us. I just happened to read the blog. You are definitely accomplished and have brought much fun to Orthodox children. Please tell us the time.

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