Yarn Along for August

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So these are some of my recent projects. All of these went into the shop (except that last in-progress photo) but only the miniatures are left. I do like making things people enjoy! Of course, if it’s not enjoyable for me then it’s hard to persuade me to make it. (Not pictured: 40 gazillion toy censers)

I’ve been rereading the Thursday Next series and loving every bit. As this is only my second rereading of it I’m still finding bits I didn’t catch the first time. I didn’t realize until now that I never got the last book in the series! It would be nice if I could find it at Barnes and Nobles when Father and I go out for our wedding anniversary tonight. Yes, 21 years! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

I have more projects planned and only wish there were more hours in the day, both for reading and creating!

Linking up with Ginny for my first Yarn Along in months (!). Click on the photo to see what others are doing.

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So, life has been busy. You can see an additional item I’ve made in the photos above: an Orthodox priest doll. I started working on him while Father was at the All American Council last week, and finished him yesterday. Needless to say, he got a lot of attention when I posted photos of him on Facebook and Instagram. He was intended to be a prototype but wound up being a heck of a lot more detailed than I had planned (I never know where to stop) so he’ll probably remain a OOAK art-type doll (NOT for small children) and I will start fresh on a more Waldorf-type doll. I hope to have one done in the next couple weeks.

Speaking of the AAC, I was tickled pink to see that St. Tikhon’s bookstore had brought a basket of my censers to sell in their booth!

Ginger turned 15 yesterday (where did the time go?!?) and we had his party Tuesday before the Dormition fast started. The cake… oh my goodness. He asked for an ice cream cake with chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream layers. He doesn’t like frosting (not sure if this is really my kid) so we planned to use canned whipped topping to cover it. Y’all, don’t do this. Especially don’t do this during August in Texas. Need I say more? [I couldn’t figure out why it failed so badly when I knew I had done one for him several years ago. Too long ago, apparently, because I forgot that that time I used ice cream sandwiches. *head desk*]

Ribby starts college in a few weeks *gasp* and has a new backpack from her grandparents to celebrate. Mittens is still convinced it is hers.

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8 thoughts on “Yarn Along for August

  1. Love all the postings on the blog. Seems you have had a very productive summer.

    Most of all want to wish you and Father many , many years on your anniversary. May God grant you many more years of continued happiness and great joy.

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  2. So nice!!! you are making beautiful things, but no surprise there! The ice cream cake will live in family infamy, right? I love family stories… they enrich our lives! I’ve not read this series though I know about it… happy anniversary! 21 years, a real accomplishment! We are nearing 6 years … marrying late for both of us but we are so glad for it! have a blessed day!

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