Bits and pieces

Sorry there hasn’t been a blog post in a few days. Things just get busy and by the time I have a chance to write a post, all sorts of things have gotten backed up. Then you get one of these miscellaneous life posts.

Moppet picked lots and lots of flowers before, during, and after Vespers Saturday. What can you do.

The puppies at church continue to provide lots of amusement. They like to bite the hens of the little girls’ skirts and play tug ‘o war.

I did most of another crib quilt top on Saturday/Sunday. I couldn’t finish it because I couldn’t decide on the border fabric. I finally picked a nice plum (not pictured).

Duchess has come up with a novel ongoing fundraiser for the church: painting nails. She seems to have quite an aptitude for it and is self-taught. Amusingly we even had some good sports amongst the men, one of whom admitted that he had a golf tournament this week at which his Micky Mouse thumb would be highly visible. None of them objected to being photographed. I took some photos of Duchess’s current nails too so you can see some of what she’s doing.

Selfies with the little ones after Liturgy Sunday.

An even dozen toy censers headed to St. Tikhon’s bookstore today in advance of their Memorial Day weekend pilgrimage.

The first sky photo shows part of a circumhorizontal arc (the rainbow-y patch). The second was just an overhead look at the nice cirrus clouds this evening.

2 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. Please send the photos of you and the girls. I want to frame it. I have one of Ruthie and Rebecca that i just love to look at. ( send and I will have developed)

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