Unfamiliar custom

I had a lot of fun reading this post from six years ago and the following comments! We still haven’t done the harrowing of hell during Holy Saturday Liturgy, but I hope we do one day!

Praying With My Feet

Ok, this is completely out of season, but Father came across a video and we were just stunned. There are several videos from this particular church (St. Barbara in ? Greece, 2010) but the one we viewed contained something we’d never seen before. I sure do hate to spoil the surprise so I won’t. (:

First, here’s a video I’ve posted before. This is at an OCA church here in America (Birmingham, AL – St. Symeon’s) and the service is Holy Saturday Liturgy, the first Liturgy of the Resurrection. This video was taken during the hymn, “Arise O God”. Bay leaves are thrown. Everywhere. It’s so joyous, just watch it again. (:

Now, this is the video from the Greek church. The chanter is chanting “Arise O God” too and bay leaves are also thrown. However, it’s what happens after the bay leaves are all out and the priests return…

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Agape Vespers

Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen! We had eighty-eight people at Agape Vespers! I'm staggered! Afterward the family received by chrismation yesterday communed for the first time. Then there was a feast, egg hunt gathering, confetti eggs, and a piñata. We brought home a lot of candy. I'm much to tired at this point … Continue reading Agape Vespers