When we got to church before Vespers and walked over to see the puppies, Moppet said, "That's a big dog!" One of the older girls said, "it's a goat!" Actually, it was a sheep. The children naturally went eagerly toward the pen to greet the new arrival but the sheep was clearly skittish. As we … Continue reading Friends

Prayer request

Xristos Anesti!! Orthodox brothers and sisters, it is with a heavy heart that I am posting today to plead with you on behalf of a close personal friend.  He is literally being persecuted in Raleigh, NC on behalf of his Orthodox Christian faith and Greek ethnicity.  This is not an exaggeration, this is real life … Continue reading Prayer request


Moppet: Is it waining [sic] yet? Me: No, it's not raining. Look at me: "rrruh, rrruh, rrraining." Now you say, "rrruh." Moppet: Rrruh. Me: Good! Now say: "rrraining." Moppet: "Rrraining." Me: Good! "Is it rrraining?" Moppet: Nnooo. 😂 She got me.