Almond Dutch Baby

I looked for, found, and tried a recipe for grain-free (read: low-carb) Dutch babies yesterday, and it was fantastic! I had all the ingredients already, mixed it up quickly, and it baked in 12 minutes.

I topped it with a little sugar-free strawberry jam but fresh fruit would be good too. I couldn’t really tell the difference between this and the original, but of course it’s been quite a while since I’ve had it. Nevertheless, it was absolutely wonderful.

It even puffed up dramatically in the oven although the recipe instructions cautioned that it wouldn’t!

The recipe is here. These are the modifications I made: I doubled it, omitted the unsweetened shredded coconut (but I want to try that too), used two packets of Equal for the sweetener (which made it only very mildly sweet), and I cooked it in a regular baking pan rather than cast iron (because my cast iron pan is so large) which meant that I didn’t brown it on the stove first. I’m not sure that’s entirely necessary anyway. I’m used to preheating the pan with butter in it in the oven so that’s what I did for this. Worked perfectly.

Try it!

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