Visit to St. Paraskevi Monastery

The photos speak for themselves. (As usual, I did not take photos during Vespers or Small Compline.) You can find St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Monastery here.

3 thoughts on “Visit to St. Paraskevi Monastery

  1. Cathy and I have wanted to go there and even tried to schedule it a few times and for one reason or another it didn’t work out.

    It Looked like a beautiful day. Were there still any bluebonnets in the area?

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  2. Such a blessing to see St. Paraskevi when we can’t go there due to the quarantine, etc. I got to the feast day last year (last earthly year of our elder, so very poignant) and got to visit with my old friend the dog, and my new friend (looked a lot like your daughter, and was kind to my very shy daughter, who is almost 12 now. They were playing on the swing.) I am Ksenia, with the 3 daughters, from the photos I am sure we know each other. drop me an email sometime! I bet I can make you an icon for your blog. I make icons for kids’ rooms that they like, and also icon eggs. Your photo of my egg would make a nice illustration on here! (


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