Bits and pieces

1. I saw someone cycling away on a stationary bike at the gym today while holding a rosary. Good idea. A 100 knot rope would be dicey but a 33 knot would sit out of the way on one’s wrist.

2. I’m quite sore and stairs aren’t much fun. Those split squats on Monday completely did me in. Oh well.

3. Without giving details, we had a phone inquiry the other day from a person who found out about Orthodoxy quite accidentally and is practically running to it. It’s so heartening to see people literally drop everything and follow Christ. Glory to God!

4. Father and Pickles were playing Sequence the other evening and Mittens was getting in the way. I sat her a little apart with the unused green chips and the game box and made a game of taking turns putting chips on a blank side of the box. After three turns she started pausing and strategizing where she was going to put the next chip, which I found hilarious. Several turns later she announced, “I WIN!” LOL. This got Moppet’s attention and she stood over us scrutinizing the “game”. Then she said, “I want to play too!” Oh my word. So I put them on opposite sides of the box, each with a supply of green chips, and had them take turns laying them on the box. Two turns later Mittens said, “I win!!” and Moppet started scolding her for not playing by the rules. I started laughing so hard I was wiping away tears.

5. I’m helping Duchess finish sewing her apron. She hasn’t really sewn anything before and hasn’t used a pattern. It’s a 1930’s-1940’s remake. Very pretty and cheerful fabric with pink rick rack.

6. This is Ken who is taking a well-earned rest after having stood on the leeward side of a grill for three hours last Sunday. (Disclaimer: He did not drink that whole bottle and posed for the photo. But it was a good one!)

7. My copy of the BHG Cookbook has mostly fallen into large chunks over the years, but you would think it would fall apart at the frequently used recipes. This, however, is completely inexplicable:

(The opposite page, which I hunted up out of curiosity, was also for swordfish, so that didn’t solve the mystery.)

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