Legitimacy and Conscience

I was looking for something this morning and ran across this blog post from several years ago. It was pretty good and I found myself saying, “hey… U wrote that??” What happened to the person who used to be able to write? Hahaha. So I decided to share it with you.

Praying With My Feet

Reading Joseph’s post on Byzantine TX about the pro-choice Catholic nuns (sounds like an oxymoron, but I guess it’s becoming more common…) I was struck by something. Have you noticed that people who hold a stance on something that is not in accordance with Tradition, abortion and gay “marriage” being the most common, are always desperately looking for affirmation from someone? Specifically, someone from whom they wouldn’t have traditionally ever received that affirmation? For most people in the West (who have never heard of Orthodoxy), the Roman Catholic church represents an unchanging pillar of Truth and Right, no matter what their religious (if any) persuasion. They may not agree with that statement, but it’s hard to not observe that in practice people think of the RC church as the “gold standard”. So much so, that even if you’re Unitarian and pro-abortion you’ll be positively delighted when some Catholic nuns march…

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