Holy Friday Matins with Lamentations

Seeing that the sun had hidden its rays and the veil of the Temple had been rent at the death of the Saviour, Joseph did approach Pilate and did plead with him crying and saying,

Give me this stranger, who from his youth hath wandered like a stranger.

Give me this stranger, whom his kinsmen killed in hatred like a stranger.

Give me this stranger at whom I wonder, beholding him as a guest of death.

Give me this stranger who knoweth how to take in the poor and strangers.

Give me this stranger whom the Jews in envy estranged from the world.

Give me this stranger that I may bury him in a tomb, who being a stranger hath no place whereon to lay his head.

Give me this stranger, to whom his Mother, beholding him dead, shouted crying, “O my Son and my God, even though my vitals be wounded, and my heart burns, as I behold thee dead, yet trusting in thy Resurrection, I magnify thee.”

In these words the honorable Joseph pleaded with Pilate, took the Saviour’s body, and with fear wrapped it in linen and balm, placing thee in a new tomb, O thou who grantest to all everlasting life and the great mercy.

-Give Me This Stranger, Hymn sung at the end of Lamentations

3 thoughts on “Holy Friday Matins with Lamentations

  1. i know that you are very tired, but so appreciate the beautiful pictures of Good Friday, The flowers are gorgeous. While I don’t know everything that was happening, I feel the emotion. Love, Mom

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  2. Such beautiful lyrics, and the flowers are indeed gorgeous. So fitting!
    As a European Orthodox, I love seeing these photos of services in your area and comparing them to what we see here. I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but thank you. I’ve learned a lot from you over the years.
    Christ is Risen!

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