Holy Tuesday

Today was a bit busy. We hit the gym this morning and then got groceries. I went out again right afterward to Hobby Lobby to get white tapers and ribbon for the baptismal candles. I also started hemming Duchess’s skirt (it’s a beautiful cream wool gabardine in a 1930’s pattern that she found at an incredible discount on Etsy, but it wasn’t hemmed). Right now Father and all of the older children are at the third Bridegroom Matins while I stayed home with the two little ones. They’ve been to six services since Saturday and if I want to get through the rest of the week, they need a break. As it was, I spent most of Matins yesterday evening walking around outside with Mittens. (I got those gorgeous sunset photos so I’m not complaining.)

Tomorrow I’ll decorate the candles. We have the service of Holy Unction (anointing) in the evening and that’s a long one. Thursday I’ll shop for all of the Pascha groceries and Duchess will make Pascha cheese. Friday I’ll dye the red eggs. Of course we’ll be at church every night.

One day at a time. And everyone is still well.

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